Top tips for hiring and retaining temporary workers

At Rapid Recruit we place Temporary workers across a multitude of industries, including: Industrial, Commercial, Engineering and FMCG sectors. Temporary workers can be an essential part of any successful operation and can offer a helpful resource to businesses who experience fluctuations in their service demand affected by changes such as seasonality.

In recent years, there has been a large increase in demand from employers for temp staff – check out some of the stats about temp workers here.

Temporary workers can often be easy to hire but hard to retain, so with this in mind we wanted to share our top tips on how to find a happy medium.

Competitive Pay
Often temporary workers are needed to fulfil a high demand within a business, so it is key to employ competent and motivated staff who have had previous experience of a similar industry. Although there is a tendency to pay low rates where possible to temporary staff, you will waste more time and money with a high turnover if you don’t employ the right skill level, so it may be worth thinking about competitive rates of pay to ensure you attract the right talent.

With strong ongoing relationships with many local business’s, we can locate a variety of jobs across the North for hard working individuals that suit any level of academic or vocational ability.

Temporary work is often associated with seasonal or peak demands which more often than not demand unsociable and unpopular shift patterns. Offering incentives such as providing travel for shifts that may be hard to reach via public transport during unconventional working hours can be a perk along with a slightly higher rate of pay for night work.

If hiring more than one worker, group training may be a more efficient use of both yours and their time and also help them get to know one another more quickly. Following group training, job shadowing of permanent employees is another effective way to train on-the-job.

We know that finding the right people fast is key to keeping your business moving. From the moment you contact us we work to understand your recruitment needs, and deliver quality, trained, compliant staff quickly.

We train, induct and brief all our workers so they are ready to hit the ground running on their first day with you.

We are committed to providing a tailored service that fits our client’s needs. If you’re looking for temporary workers for your business, let us help find the perfect match. Get in touch today.

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