Why Hire Temporary Staff For Your Business?

Statistics from the ONS UK Labour Market report in February 2024 show that the employment rate “has increased from a low in the previous quarter”. Many businesses are finding it difficult to find the right…

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How to Prepare For an Interview

Hiring managers see a lot of candidates making the same mistakes time and time again, yet these mistakes can be easy to prevent. Preparing yourself for an interview can be daunting when you aren’t sure…

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Why Christmas is the Perfect Time to Hire

With Christmas fast approaching, most businesses are either completely rushed off of their feet or are starting to wind down. Whatever you’re doing, you’re probably not thinking about hiring right now. We here at Rapid…

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Quiz: Is Temporary Work Right for You?

You might be surprised at some of the benefits temporary work can offer, such as increased flexibility and a wider variety of training opportunities. We here at Rapid Recruit can help you find the perfect…

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Reddit’s Worst Interviewees  

If you’re part of your company’s hiring team, you’ll likely have met a handful of colourful personalities during the recruitment process. It takes all sorts to make a world and sometimes candidates can come across…

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Temporary Employment Myths Debunked

Temporary employment comes with a wealth of benefits making it suited to a range of different lifestyles. It is also often the subject of criticism from people who may have little to no experience of…

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Should You Include Your Hobbies & Interests on Your CV?

Most people’s first experiences of writing a CV can be traced back to school where they learnt the basics: personal information (name, address, etc.); qualifications; an “about me” section; and your hobbies and interests. As…

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Red Flags Interviewers Should Look Out For

You’re likely to meet all kinds of candidates when interviewing for a job and usually it doesn’t take long to see who will be a good fit for the role and for the company. There…

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