Top tips for hiring Warehouse Workers

At Rapid Recruit we place Temporary workers across a multitude of industries, including the Industrial sector placing candidates on a daily basis in Warehouse positions. Warehouses are only as effective as the workers they have, which is why it should be taken seriously.

Here’s our top tips for looking for warehouse talent:

Be specific about skill

Warehouse positions can vary greatly. A different skill set is required in each company and role, so make sure you are explicit about what position you are trying to fill and what that role will entail.

Clearly state the demand

Warehouse positions are often associated with seasonal or peak demand. So it’s good to be clear on how demanding the role will be, physically. Although roles vary, many warehouse jobs are labour-intensive and require a level of physical and mental commitment to get the job done properly. Not being completely honest about the level of demand from the start can just cause disgruntled staff or lead to you having to replace them quicker than you thought.

Many hands make light work

A great benefit of temporary warehouse hires is the support they can provide to the permanent workforce. You can also limit training time and costs by implementing job shadowing of permanent employees as an effective way to train on-the-job. Adding temporary resource to a team will help increase productivity across the board.

Competitive Pay

Often warehouse workers are needed to fulfil a high demand within a business, so it is key to employ competent and motivated staff who have had previous experience of a similar industry. Although there is a tendency to pay low rates where possible to warehouse staff, you will waste more time and money with a high turnover if you don’t employ the right skill level, so it may be worth thinking about competitive rates of pay to ensure you attract the right talent.

Encourage Employee Referrals

Referrals have been known as a great way to find suitable warehouse staff, not only benefitting your recruitment efforts but it’s also an opportunity to reward your staff. Rewarding employees who refer successful candidates is a good way to ensure you’re going to get a candidate that is the right fit for your business, whilst keeping your current staff happy.

Where Warehouse operations and HR managers are spending a lot of time recruiting staff, we can take away the pressure. From the moment you contact us we work to understand your recruitment needs, and deliver quality, trained, compliant staff quickly. We train, induct and brief all our workers so they are ready to hit the ground running on their first day with you.


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