Surprising Benefits of Temporary Work

When it comes to employment, permanent contracts are often seen as the most beneficial since they offer fixed incomes and job security, but there are lots of advantages to temporary contracts too. Whether you’re not…

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7 Professional Ways to Handle Conflict with a Co-Worker

Are you butting heads with a co-worker? When it comes to issues in the work-place, the professional approach often leads to the best results. Try these 7 professional ways to handle conflict with a co-worker….

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Your Rights as a Temporary Worker

Temporary employees on a fixed term contract have a unique set of rights when it comes to employment. For example, temporary employees are required to have the exact same health and safety training as permanent…

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Should you Include Salary Info in a Job Description?

There are plenty of do’s and don’ts when it comes to writing the perfect job description but what about when it comes to disclosing salary information? Is it better to be transparent about what you…

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What’s Your Work Personality?

We all have our work personalities, whether we’re highly organised, creative minded, or communication orientated. Our work personalities encompass the way in which we interact with our colleagues, managers, and even our workloads. You will…

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How to Answer the 4 Most Common Interview Questions

Have you ever felt tripped up by a seemingly harmless question at a job interview? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. When preparing for an interview we’re often so focused on sounding…

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In-House recruitment Vs Recruitment agency?

The need to recruit the best candidates for your business is essential for success, but should this task of sourcing, interviewing and training be entrusted to an in-house team or outsourced to a recruitment agency…

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Tell me… why should we hire you?

Interviews are designed for questions and it is inevitable that at some point the hiring manager is going to ask, “So, why should we hire you?” The obvious answer would be, “Because I need a…

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